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Dartslive Account

Start playing with your friends. Monitor your play data. Customize theme/wallpaper. Play global online matches.

This is a step by step guide in creating a Dartslive account via the Dartslive mobile app

Step 1

Download app on App store or Google Playstore

Step 2

Select "Create Account"

Step 3

On the account creation page, choose "I don't have a card."


If you have a DARTSLIVE Card,
select "I have a card.", and add the card on the account settings page

after creating your account.

Step 4

Virtual DARTSLIVE Card is registered.

Congratulations! You can now:
- Save your play data
- Play online match with players across the world
- Customize wallpaper / theme


Dartslive App.png
Dartslive App site.png
Dartslive App QR.png
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