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Our Story

Dartslive has revolutionized an age-old sport of darts for the new generation by bringing the humble darts games to a higher level of fun, challenge and excitement. With the success of the Dartslive machines in Japan, the first i Darts concept in Kowloon, Hong Kong was born in 2010. This started the global expansion of i Darts that has spread across the globe from Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Canada, Mexico, Australia and now, the Philippines!

i Darts Dash is the first electronic darts bar in the Philippines. We dedicate a special set of training to our floor staff who shows passion for darts. We have in-house Darts Instructors to help guests who are new to darts with the basics. i Darts is a one-stop entertainment place that bonds people whether it's a corporate function, catch up with friends, a special occasion or a competitive game of darts.


i Darts ultimately sets a level different from its peers in the bar industry.

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